Budapest (Hungary) – more than 150 units of LEC B Super controllers have been installed. Based on the current annual electricity consumption for lighting, which is around 30GWh, the savings of the fully deployed system are estimated at 7.5GWh. The city can further benefit from a reduction in network losses resulting in an additional savings of 1.25GWh per year.

TESCO (Hungary) – Tesco, in its four hypermarkets, saw average energy savings of 25% due to the introduction of LEC systems. Financial savings in two years were € 205,000.

McDonald's Restaurants (Israel & Poland) - In 2011, ComEC 160 A was installed in two McDonald's's, which during the test run achieved average monthly savings of 12.9% of the total monthly cost. Subsequently, a contract for the installation of ComEC regulators was signed in all 160 Israeli McDonald's operations. Total annual savings are estimated at € 500,000. At the same time, ComEC has reduced the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by restaurants.

Hotels in Austria -the ComEC regulator successfully uses several hotels in Austria, such as Hotel Alpendorf, Hotel Edelweiss, Hotel Kristall and others. Average savings range from 9.4% to 15.6% with returns of less than 3 years. In addition to direct savings, the ComEC Universal Power Controller extends the life of existing electrical equipment.

Coca-Cola Warehouse (Switzerland) - Consumption was down 19.6%. The Lighting Energy Controller (LEC) helped Swiss' affiliated branch of american multinational company save 6,889 francs a year at the cost of lighting. For a capital investment of 13,000 francs, the return on investment is less than 2 years.

OMV Petrol Station (Romania) - Each station is equipped with LEC A to save electricity for external lighting (halide lamps) and accessories stores (fluorescent lamps). Savings on electricity costs were more than 20%.


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