We will design a fit solution for every customer.

We have 5 device types and more than 10 performance classes for each device.
Since each of our clients has individual needs, uses other appliances and has a different power consumption, we need more information to produce a price offer to help you design the most optimal and at the same time the most economical solution. Our goal is to make a quick return so that you can start earning money as soon as possible.

We would therefore like to ask you to fill in the questionnaire (you can download the questionnaire HERE). You can send this questionnaire as an attachment to the form below or to the email address:

The offer is free of charge and will be sent to everybody, upon receipt of the questionnaire, within 10 days.

If you do not know anything, do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. We will be happy to advise you, or we will be able to send you free of charge a technique that will help you fill out and present our products at the same time, recommend and give you a quotation.

Quotation will include:



it usually takes from 1.5 to 4 years, when you receive EU subsidies, from 9 months to 1.5 years. With an extended warranty of up to 5 years, you will, for a minimum of 3 years, only earn, which in many cases can make up to several tens of thousands of euros for you.

Total savings in €/£:

you can save 15-35% of your electricity costs per year, depending on the type of equipment you can invest in better ways.

Total savings in kWh:

you can save up to 35% depending on the type of load and voltage in the network.



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