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Alexoo Slovakia, s.r.o. was created in 2013 in order to bring top products and services to the Slovak market. Too small a market is unattractive to big world players and so far Slovakia has been circumventing sophisticated solutions that serve to work more efficiently with the energy performance of businesses and individuals.

We have also aimed to allow Slovak firms to access patented, proven and efficient devices that deliver instant, quantifiable, effective and safe ways of saving energy in a variety of consumption patterns. We place emphasis on selecting products with exceptionally short return times, ranging from two to three years, or from 9 months to 1.5 years .

Alexoo Slovakia is the provider of energy-efficient solutions. We are importing LEC lighting regulators, ComEC power controllers, SinuMEC engine regulators, Home and HomEC regulators, and also importers of ECO3 and ESM optimizers for energy saving and cost savings for air conditioning, cooling systems and heat pump systems.

We provide:

installation, warranty and post-warranty service of LEC, ComEC, SinuMEC, HomEC, ECO3 and ESM
comprehensive expert advice on energy and savings
comprehensive energy audit
energy audit lighting
design services
expert inspections of electrical equipment and wiring
comprehensive replacement of light sources, lighting and wiring
production of electrical switchboards, transformer and switchgear

We will design a fit solution for every customer. Our solutions are economic and ecological.


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